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Spoorwegovergang / Bahn├╝bergang Basel Zoo BLT Linien 10 und 17 Trams van lijn 10 en 17 van het Baselse tramnetwerk, passeren de overweg bij de Zoo aan de Binningerstrasse in Basel. Deze overweg met lampen in de ...
energy bar/chocolate flow type packing machine We are specialized in manufacture candy/chocolate/biscuit/medical pills or any other similar products packing and wrapping machine and producing line with ...
Elliott Wave Strategy CHF - Triangle before Higher? The Dollar has paused in the 92.70 to 93.70 area in a triangular formation. From an Elliott perspective triangles should have 5 legs and so there is still time for ...
Room for an interim Recovery in Weekly Swiss Triangle Still need a rally over 1.0670 to open a rebound to the 1.1200 level before onto the 1.0130-1.0250 support levels.
Room for Dolr-Yen Pullback to 91.00 Down Channel Expect 84.80 base to hold on the first attempt before a 90-91 pullback.
Euro Daily Tracking well as a 5 wave Elliott Rally Ideally this move will fail 1.3090 for a loss of 1.2770 pivot point to open a least a 50 percent pullback to 1.2485.
Elliott Wave Detail on the Weekly Dolr-Swiss Triangle Dolr is setting a base for interim recovery to about 1.1060 but with potential for 1.14-1.15 again.
Dolr-Swiss Daily Presses the bounds of Triangle Consol Failure to hold 1.0400 extends directly to eventual 1.0250 swing target. Only over 1.0670 would stabilize at this point.
As Euro Respects 1.2775 target there is window for Reversal Expect a 1.2680 pullback but a loss of 1.2520-1.2485 pivots are needed to confirm. Over 1.2840 money management stops extend 1.2920 and possibly even as ...
Sterling Daily Should be in Elliott 5 wave from 1.4230 base. Ideally this rally will press the 1.5490 target before start of a correction to entire rally that opens a return to 1.47-1.48 again.
Elliott Wave Detail on the Hourly Euro Rising Wedge As 1.2550 pivot holds there is still scope for final push to the ideal 1.2770 c C = A equality target.
Weekend Review - Running out of Steam 07.10.2010 rading High Probability Weekend Video July 10 2010. Daily Newsletters are sent with Market Overview Technical Patterns and Trade Ideas to help you learn ...
Weekly Euro is Seems to be Failing Ideal Target Zone. As 1.2770 level caps, below 1.2485 encourages and 1.2150 loss projects the ideal 1.1425 downside target.
Elliott Wave Basics on the Weekly Dolr-Swiss Triangle Short term oversold condition would allow an intermittent 1.11 to 1.1350 rally before onto the 1.0250 target.
Sterling rally is losing upside momentum Now has to hold 1.4770 pivot to sustain rally to 1.5520 target or risk a deeper test of 1.4230 low.
Sterling Hourly Holds 1.5080 for third time. This allows an attempt at 1.5340 downchannel before reversal.
Weekly Dollar Swiss Triangle Dolr should be near complete this leg of downswing en route eventual 1.0250 objective.
Daily Dolr-Swiss Decline as part of larger Triangle Update from the Weekly Dolr-Swiss Triangle we are looking for 3-Wave Elliott decline to 1.0250. Thus as 1.0430-1.06 holds could see 1.1140-1.12 before lower ...
Dolr Yen Nears 90.00 traingle swing target Price Contraction conts as Dolr nears ideal 89.80 to 90.00 target before higher.

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